Contact-Tracing Apps can Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic (and protect you immediately)

Scientists suggest that, if 60% of people adopt a contact tracing app, the pandemic could be brought under control. This video discusses how we should be able to stop the spread and get us to reopening reasonably quickly. The NYTimes article:

I do not have any financial interest in the app I am recommending ( I am recommending it because I believe it is our best option to get the pandemic under control, although other apps are certainly helpful as well. The challenge with the Google/Apple approach is that, while NOVID offers visibility for up to 12 connections away, Google/Apple only offer 1 degree, which I believe to be insufficient to curb the spread.

NOVID is secure and, once the pandemic is under control, can simply be deleted.

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  1. We shouldn't have had a lockdown in the first place in the Nikita. Don't you see the dangers of socialism seeping into our society. I think you should be making videos on how to wash your hands. This virus is just like many other covid-19 viruses, we will get through this just the same and can vaccinate the elderly if they so desire. I do understand the virus is dangerous but so have been the many others.

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