Clubhouse Family: Cheat Code ALGO Setup

Intro on setting up the Cheat Code ALGO for all our Clubhouse family!

Next steps:

1. Create Free TradingView account:

2. Join us on Discord for ongoing support and live help setting up and using the Cheat Code:

3. Fill out sign up form:

4. Get access and start killing it in the markets !!


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  1. Thank u for the video, but there are a lot of the questions inquires in the comments regarding the Algo and no one has answered them !!? i am really interested and i will update you guys if i really found it same as explained.

  2. Is this working for anyone? I do not have the same options as described in these instructions.

  3. just signed up for the Cheat Code Algos… looking forward to getting money with the Family…just waitingon my credentials to set up shop.

  4. Thank you!! Love the software. I'm learning so much every day. You guys are doing great work, keep it up

  5. Wow, can’t believe I stumbled on this. Looking forward to applying this to my future trades.

  6. Is it good for crypto and forex? I tried signing to the ClubHouse. It's no longer available.

  7. Nice software. BUT… I highly recommend you thinking before purchasing. Just because I stated factual information in the discord. They kicked me out.The turned my script off in tradingview but its paid for until March 4th its Feb 13th. I haven't got a pro rated return back. So are they an ethical business….. That's for you to think about before purchasing.

  8. Great software! I send you a DM on IG I Haven’t hear from you yet. Keep up the good work

  9. I am a premium account holder… I am using Google Chrome as my internet browser and a lot of the settings are different than what it shows here. Do I have to use a specific internet browser??

  10. I'm ready I'm here let's do it. This is exactly what I need. Can't wait to get the software going to make it easier for me to understand stocks much better. Thank you for showing me this, I truly appreciate it.

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