China, Japan agree on combating COVID-19

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is in Tokyo, where he is meeting with his Japanese counterpart Toshi-mitsu Motegi. It’s the first visit by a high-ranking Chinese official since Yoshihide Suga became Prime Minister. The two top diplomats have agreed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic together and to exchange information in a timely manner and strengthen cooperation on COVID-19 treatment and medicines.

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  1. Can you imagine that there is a daughter in China who didn't know her mother’s name for 35 years? This daughter's name is Li Xinmei, let's call her Mei. Mei was born in a rural village in a province in middle China. Her mother always spoke a language that everyone around her could not understand. Growing up she remembers her mother did not seem to have a name.
    The neighbors in the village, and even her own father, would only call her "Hey". Mei wanted to uncover the mystery of her mother's background so she started to write about her mother's story on social media and searched for her mother’s hometown’s info, hoping to find clues…
    Mei once learned from her deceased father that her mother actually was sold to her father in a railway station 35 years ago. Her father paid 1,000 yuan to buy his wife. Mei's mother tried to escape twice, but failed.
    In September of 2020, thanks to the active social network, Mei finally found her mother's original family and learned that her mother's name was Deliang.

    In August of this year, a video circulated on mainland China, about a father who had finally found his abducted daughter:
    In 2000, his daughter was admitted to a university in Sichuan. The father happily sent the daughter to the university, but since then he had lost contact. Seventeen years later, the father finally found his daughter and cried. For his daughter’s 17-year youth was lost as she was detained in a horrible place.
    A Chinese director once filmed a movie "Blind Mountain" on this topic. The film is based on a real story that happened in the 90s.
    A young college student was cheated in a rural village in northern China when looking for job. She was forced to marry and give birth to a child. She tried various ways to escape. However, each time she was captured by the family and people in the whole village. She wanted to ask for help by mailing a letter but was later told that the postman had been bribed by the village. One woman in the same village told her that most of the women in this village were bought from human traffickers.

    Why is there such a serious human trafficking problem in China? Many analysts believe that the most direct cause is the serious imbalance in the ratio of men to women, which was caused by China’s family-planning policy. Most families prefer to have boys rather than girls. According to research conducted by the author of "Leftover Women in China", the ratio of baby boys to girls in China reached a peak of 121 to 100 in 2008.

  2. The Japanese can't decide their own destiny. Their pro-China officials will die inexplicably. For example, Tadahiro Matsushita and Shinichi Nishimiya died suddenly in 2012

  3. I swear if all east asian countries were to form coalition,there gonna be unstoppable!

  4. Wang Yi visits Japan for trade, fight COVID19, cooperation, partnership for mutual benefits. Immediately after signing RCEP last week Japanese auto companies celebrated because they sell 80% of their cars to China. With 92% tax free more sell, more profits.
    Pompeo visits japan for military build up, bogus security claims, fight n contain China.
    What a DIFFERENCE.

  5. When the Foreign Minister of Japan (Toshimitsu Motegi) tweeted about his visit with Wang Yi and that he appreciated the collaboration with China, there was a whole bunch of Aggressive Japanese users, talking trash to him. I don't think that the majority of Japanese would act like that, but just like the U.S. (where 47% of people voted for Trump) in Japan, there's a similar sinophobic mindset, even if their Government is willing to cooperate with China

  6. It is good that China has accepted the fact that starting a war with Japan over remote mostly uninhabitable rocky islands (Diayou / Senkaku Islands) is not worth the price that both sides would pay in blood compared to the mutual economic benefits that both sides will gain through diplomacy and trade. It could be said that the PLA may have waited too long to occupy the Diayou / Senkaku Islands militarily as they did with the Nansha / Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The difference with these two territorial disputes is that the PLA took decisive action against the Philippines overlapping claims before engaging in diplomacy ensuring that China had leverage in any negotiations with Manila whereas with Japan, China waited too long to exert their claim by force and no longer have any leverage in the issue. There is also the fact that Japan is much stronger than the Philippines and more valuable perhaps as a trade partner unlike the Philippines which China can perhaps conquer at any moment should the need develop.

  7. Japan and China should NEVER have any hot conflicts as they are separated by seas and islands.
    China and US should NEVER have any hot conflicts as they are separated by oceans and continents.
    India and China should NEVER have any hot conflicts as they are separated by highest mountains, they should negotiate and draw the line somewhere before the British Empire drew lines without other countries agreement.

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