• Agenda Editor

    This plugin tweaks the editor to support Bootstrap grid and adds a “Grid Block”. Screenshot from editor This plugin provides 3 blocks. ads/tab Tab ads/tabblock Tab Block ads/linkwrapper Link Wrapper How do center items in a row vertically In the section “Align” of the Grid Block there is a selection box called “Vertical Alignment” There are no reviews for this…

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  • Alusta References

    Alusta Reference can use to collect the feedback of user, using a frontend form. Feedback can of any service or work related. The submited feedback stord in a custom post type called “References” as draft.The submited feedback/reference can also be show at fronted using a shortcode. Only the published (approved) feedback will be display in the feedback list.Default language of…

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  • Italian feature add-on for Woocommerce

    Italian feature add-on for Woocommerce un semplice plugin che permette di rendere Woocommerce in linea con il regime forfettario RENDI WOOCOMMERCE IN LINEA CON IL REGIME FORFETTARIO Italian feature add-on for Woocommerce ti permette di inserire nella generazione degli ordini la marca da bollo e, se impostata, la rivalsa contributiva Installazione automatica Per installare automaticamente Italian feature add-on for Woocommerce…

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  • Zidi TopBar Menu

    Description Zidi TopBar Menu helps create a modern and elegant topbar menu call to action section in your website. Copyright zidi topbar menu plugin, Copyright 2020 Zidithemeszidi topbar menu plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL zidi topbar menu plugin bundles the following resources: Image used in screenshot.png: A photo by ZidithemesLicense: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)Source:…

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  • My Aparat – آپارات من

    با مشخص کردن کانال آپارات خود، افزونه به طور خودکار ویدیو ها را در بخش جدید “ویدیو ها” نمایش خواهد داد. با همان مشخصات در آپارات. توجه داشته باشید که فقط اطلاعات ویدیو از طریق ا پی آی آپارات نظیر تعداد مشاهده و عنوان و توضیحات منتشر می شوند. سورس ویدیو ها همچنان از وبسیات و سرور آپارات به صورت…

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  • wp-sitemap-computy

    This plugin disables the built-in systemmap. Kind of working plug-in Upload dir nps-computy to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress There are no reviews for this plugin. “wp-sitemap-computy” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Contributors 1.2 19.09.20 Fixed other notice 1.1 29.08.20 Fixed a conflict with other plugins…

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