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WooCommerce Ajax Add to Cart (WooCommerce)

A plugin that will ajaxify the “Add to cart” button even in the single product pages. What it does? AJAXifies the “add to cart button” in single product pages (will add the product to the cart with no need of refresh). Works well with variable products. Works well with 3rd ...

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Who Bought This Also Bought Slider For Woocommerce (Miscellaneous)

This plugin displays suggestions to customers on product page regarding the item they have selected. It shows products that other customers bought when they bought the item currently selected by the customer. Features Make cross / up selling easy by showing customers products commonly purchased together. Option for display number ...

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WP Envato Login (Utilities)

WP ENVATO Login/Registration! Enable users to login/register on your WordPress site using the Envato API. Options: Use Envato user data Verify purchases Use Envato Avatars … | |

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Xenotive Responsive Video Embedder (Media)

What is XenoEmbedder (Xenotive Responsive Video Embedder)? Xenotive Responsive Video Embedder is a plugin and extension for wordpress editor. Xenotive Video Embedder is able to embed videos from all popular websites as well as swf files. Videos can be embed from facebook, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, metacafe and flash files. How ...

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WooCommerce Time Limit for Product Sales (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Time Limit for Product Sales allows you to easily setting time frames to sell the product. This plugin lets customer to place an order only than, when shop can process it. Demo for time that product is available for purchase Demo for set shop’s working hours for products Features: ...

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Button Variations (WooCommerce)

Add color swatches to your variable products, or even a text button. Button styles can be customized to match your shop’s, you can add swatches at Product level or at Global level. Or even disable it for an specific product. With a little knowlege of stylesheets, you can override the ...

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