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Flexible DOT Navigation (Navigation)

Flexible DOT Navigation Flexible DOT Navigation is able to be the right choice for you site. Features: Full Responsive layout. Social icons included. Font Awesome icons. Code easy. Beautiful Design. Easy to Customize. No extra attention is required. DEMO SOURCES: Image source:Pexels Font:Open Sans Font:Source Sans Pro Icons:Font Awesome NOTE: ...

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fCarousel (Sliders)

fCarousel is a plugin for display of any blocks (images, divs, etc.) with a cascading “waterwheel” effect. Plugin is simple and flexible in settings. fCarousel’s work is based on CSS3 transformations, so it works in all modern browsers which support this technology. Plugin’s features: – Manipulates the carousel with arrows, ...

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Multi Step Form Wizard jQuery Validation (Forms)

Multi Step Form Wizard jQuery validation Multi Step Form Wizard based on Html5, CSS3 and jQuery. It can be used for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS or CRM. Its lightweight and compatible with almost all major browsers and ...

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Tree List (Miscellaneous)

Tree List is an easy to integrate, configurable and modifiable nested tree list. It is well documented and well tested with 95% code coverage. With this component, you don’t have to worry about building another tree list again. Features: Drag and Drop for both mobile and desktop. Node inline editing. ...

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shareGrapes – Social Media Sharing Plugin (Social Networks)

shareGrapes – Social Media Sharing Plugin shareGrapes is a simple, ready to use Social Media Sharing Plugin. The plugin is written using jQuery. You can customize a lot of options. Features: Easy to use and very customizable Over 80 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Multiple button design ...

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Countdown Plus – Time Counter Pack (Countdowns)

Power up your website with Countdown Plus – Time Counter Pack! Countdown Plus – Time Counter Pack is a beautifuly animated contdowns collection with flexible functionality. This product includes JavaScript, CSS and HTML, it’s not a WordPress plugin. Examples Features 19 StylesStyled and Animated beauties! 7 Colors per StyleTunable coloring. ...

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