California COVID-19 RELIEF GRANT PROGRAM | Pending Approval | Password Reset | Bank Information

Updates to California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program to respond to common questions regarding resetting my password, pending approval, uploading documents, bank information and more.
It responds to
My password is not working. What do you do?
Do I have to enter and link my bank information?
I made a mistake in my application. How do I correct it?


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  1. Hello, thank you for your video. Whenever I try to submit my application, I receive two red error messages that say "Something Went Wrong!" I am in incognito mode and have turned off pop up blocker on Google Chrome. Have you heard of this problem? Is there something I can do?

  2. I’m trying to login to upload documents and it’s saying wrong password all the time and I’m sure it’s correct does anyone have the same issue

  3. I am uploading my documents but its not saying completed after i type my password. Anyone have any insight or troubleshooting?

  4. Another ASAP question, is schedule C enough ? Also Driver Licence should we upload both sides?

  5. Hi please help ASAP , do we need password to upload I was able to upload without password ? can you answer me please ASAP

  6. Thank you so much this helped me finish the process I was having some trouble but after watching your video I was able to get it to work !

  7. The world would be a better place of there were more people like you Michealsmith4549 on IG I will never forget you sir.

  8. Don't know how to go about the grant when I had issues with it so I came across Michealsmith4549 on IG who help me got it Instantly…

  9. Claudia, when I verified my Banking information it had 2 options. One to allow lendestry to have your password which I did not want to do because I have 5 accounts linked together with full access. The second option was only to 1 account, it asked for routing number, account number and bank address and banking state. Do you know what address we give for chase?
    I gave my branch address that I used and that I opened my bank account.

  10. Ho claudia i uploaded all documents and bank account or should i not prive bank account yet?

  11. Hi Claudia, I had accidentally uploaded my ID on the application certificate portion. I was able to log back in and delete the wrong document and upload the correct one.

  12. Thank you Claudia!! What tax forms do I need to upload?
    Is it only schedule C? Do I need to upload all of them including my personal taxes too?

  13. Saludos desde Huntington Park CA, me puede explicar si tengo que someter una nueva solicitud de desempleo? Ya que me llego una notificación de reactivar solicitud de beneficios en mi PUA o no? O no hago nada y se activará solo en automático? Gracias le agradezco sus comentarios

  14. Thank you so much,I got the same mail for pending documents on 9th Jan but not the mail with password which you said for uploading documents will be sent so should I wait for uploading the documents.

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