Budget 2021 के पहले चंद सबक़ | Covid-19 | Republic Day | Joe Biden | USA | Arthat

तेरा तुझको अर्पण के लिए यहां क्लिक करें –

In this week’s Arthat, Siddhant Mohan and Anshuman Tiwari discuss how the great economies and great civilisations saved themselves during pandemics, and how several collapsed. With India celebrating republic day, the lesson could be learned from US which was hit hard by pandemic, but still its institutions managed to stand affirm on democracy. Watch this weeks episode.

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  1. After seeing episodes you can clearly see the Anshumans positive bias towards china and this episode every clearly proves it he talks of every country in this how bad India and US were and how good euopre etc but doesnt say a single world on china

  2. Anshuman ji your information is completely incorrect, UK and European countries lockdown is much longer than India… please correct apologies in next episode

  3. Sikh logo ka name laine se darr lgta hai kya. Sikh logo ne lock down me bahut achha kaam kiya tha

  4. नेता जिद्दी नही बीच का रास्ता निकालने वाला होना जरुरी है ।

  5. India still being a developing country has 2 made in India vaccines but I never heard a single good thing on lalantop.worst channel.

  6. Budget will give lollipop to FARMERS and no things for any sector and this will show modi government strategy to win election and vision less and everything less government.

  7. Also there is no proper coordination between states.

    In India Opposition parties always oppose governments. It’s continuing since ages.
    Country is engaged in elections every year some where or others. As results focus on governance is not effective.

  8. एक घंटे कि जॉगिंग के दौरान ये शो सुना , बोहोत अच्छा था . शुक्रिया लल्लनटॉप

  9. I do not know why India being compared with Denamrk, South Korea or Taiwan.

    The economy of these countries are much stronger than India and Population is pretty Low. You have to see India in different perspective. In my India per capita income is pretty low.

  10. You guys are absolutely amazing. One of the most balanced show I have watched in recent times.

  11. Sir.

    Ye data aap kaun se research paper se padte hai..
    Please unka bhi reference diya kijiye…

    It's interesting to read research papers

  12. Where will u place pakistan in terms of managing n curbing pandemic, is it result of good governance

  13. हमारी लोकतांत्रिक संस्थाएं जो सरकार के सामने रेंग रही है उससे कुछ अपेक्षा रखना सिवा बकवास के अलावा कुछ नहीं है ।

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