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Bottleflip iOS Template (Games)

This template will allow you to easily reskin & make money on the popular Bottleflip game! Completely written in Objective-C for iOS using SpriteKit, this template offers a quick solution to following the bottle flipping trend – not only does it have fun and challenging gameplay, it’s easy to customize and earn money using in-app purchases.

This game is rich with customization opportunities. Easily add your own bottle designs. Everything is physics-based – no pre-determined paths or easy gameplay, it’s actually challenging, very fun, and addicting! It’s also not simply pay-to-win – users can choose to unlock all of the items themselves, or simply accelerate the process by purchasing the “Unlock all” options. Gameplay is not affected.

Game is ready to publish, only small changes regarding iAP and GameCenter integration have to be made. All of this is explained in the detailed documentation.

  • Addicting gameplay based on real-world physics and popular bottle-flipping trend
  • Completely customizable & easy to reskin!
  • Multiple bottles
  • Challenging gameplay that motivates users to keep playing to unlock more bottles!
  • Easily add your own bottle designs and change each bottle’s physics and characteristics
  • Share feature to let users share their scores and thus make your game go viral
  • In-App Purchase to unlock all bottles and to earn money
  • GameCenter integration including Leaderboards
  • Pleasant art-style, interface, and animations
  • No coding experience required!
  • Easy to build upon with your own code!
  • Documented and structured code
  • Utilizes SpriteKit and Xcode

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