Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Update

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Update. Alt coin season is in full swing right now as we see a huge increase in the number of hidden ads and shills on different cryptocurrency discussion boards. Bitcoin is staying strong at $9500 and refusing to budge in either direction.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  4. Hey Michael, congrats on your new office, look forward to seeing that! I also would be interested in GPU mining and staking talk and tutorials (i.e. ETH, ADA, LIT, etc.). I am looking back into Plair (PLA). Would appreciate an update on the project since your last one.

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  9. I suggest you leave Hong Kong. It’ won’t get any better. Arrested for wearing black? Cmon.

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  11. Bitcoin is very close to the next major move which is more likely to be to the downside than the upside. Short-term, it could end up revisiting $10k in a bullish scenario if the bulls fight back to reassert control. However, it has become very clear at this point that they have lost the war even if they win a battle here or there. The larger trend will be in favor of the bears for the remainder of the year and it is only a matter of time that it happens. Furthermore, we can see Bitcoin failing to break below the moving averages. One analyst in particular named Morgan Norman believes that it will continue rallying higher until the first week of June, around which time it will begin losing its momentum and declining lower.

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  12. Looking forward to your guidelines on setting up for staking ! I have to get a new computer so any technical info on specs would be appreciated too ! Many thanks ! Btc Xtz Eth Link Ada & …

  13. Love the live Hong Kong on the street updates. and Well…….you could talk about Cardano. Or you could work on your "th" words in english, your english is better than my chinese, however I only say something because I love ya man. i am a voiceover guy so can help with that. peace and love brotha.

  14. Darn i missed the stream, but amazing video nontheless, thanks for the phemex bonus, sign up literally took less than a minute 😛

  15. what do you think about Coin it mines under ETH and wallet ERC20 I use so far so good from what I understand about the platform is this consider to be a Miner of ETH?

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