At a glance: China-WHO cooperation during COVID-19 pandemic

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It’s not the first visit by the World Health Organization (WHO) to China since COVID-19 emerged. Throughout the long battle against the pandemic, China has worked closely with the global health agency. CGTN looked at some of their cooperative efforts over the past 12 months.

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  1. I’m not the smartest person and I’ll admit that but cmon, that right there speaks for itself

  2. Ask yourself why did they get pissed off when Australia and other country’s proposed to investigate mid last year!?

  3. It did originate from a laboratory!
    I watched a video from a lady who leaked the information! I’m pretty sure she got locked up or silenced tho

    China is a shit hole and their leaders are far from the definition “LeAdEr”

  4. When will China lead WHO to investigate KoronavirUS® lab in Fort Detrick Maryland? A little reciprocity will go a long way.

  5. I strongly believe the virus came from your house and I need to search your house. Somebody's house has been deliberately left out.

  6. China can't be more cooperative than she is The most uncooperative country America has not allowed who to investigate the piles of evidences point to its culpability while shouting China virus

  7. It didn’t came from a Wuhan lab like Traitor Li Meng Yan Steve Bannon Miles Guo / Guo Wengui claimed it a conspiracy theories not from a wet market that is never proven we know it came from Minks in Denmark. Google it.

  8. Who is bbc ? An anti Chinese channel set out to demonize China as if WW2 is not over yet, they are the perpetrators of lies and more lies so the rest of the world can sleep safely at night thinking the west is good and East is bad ! Try walking the streets of London at night !

  9. Why have WHO been denied access to Wuhan for a year now?
    Why did WHO follow the CPC lie that COVID was not transmission of infection between humans?
    What a shame for China!

  10. Keep up these reports to refresh the memory of the world, the evil-doers are spreading lies in systematic forms to brainwash the world, the general public is weak when bombarded by one-sided misinformation.

  11. Ccp killed over 2 million, you will not escape. You all hidden all the evidence. From that bat lab. The truth will be revealed.

  12. CCP wuhan virology lab had a complete DATA WIPE before the experts were even in china…. what does that tell you…

  13. The ony co-operation was – CCP needs to weaponize the Wuhan Virus and the WHO said why not lock down China and allow all the flights out of China and that will deploy it around the world – CCP (Win Win): Mask diplomacy – CCP Win, Destory other countries – CCP Win and now they want to kill millions by rolling out their unsafe vaccine.

    We are all to blame for the CCP infiltration in our lives:

    V For Vendetta:

    This is so Orwellian and the person who converted this for film using a disease to control the population saw a vision of the current environment and the rule of the CCP the over the people of Brazil/Peru and other countries, anyone taking the CCP manufactured virus vaccine that the CCP is providing should look at this film and realize how the CCP have weaponized this Wuhan Flu and look how you are being manipulated like the CCP debt diplomacy. It may have been a natural disease but the CCP did allow it to propagate around the world and use it to their advantage – from Masks to grave.

    Look how Carrie Lam the puppet of Xi has used the Wuhan Flu to stop protests and the use of the "National Security Law", you can put a front line person in everyone of these characters and hopefully they will have their turn in the courts in the Hague just like the Nazi Party officials did.

    Wuhan Flu – St. Mary's Virus
    CCTN/CCTV is the BTN of this film
    Liu Xin is Lewis Prothero the BTN News anchor
    Xi is Adam Sutler
    Mr Lai is Deitrich
    Carrie Lam is just a Puppet
    Zheng Yanxiong is Creedy
    Agnes Chow – Evey
    V – That will come and there may be many of them

    We just need a good character for Finch the police inspector as there does not appear to be many good police people in Hong Kong and the most important characters: The people against Totalitarianism, but these people have already been crushed and need to rise up again to show that the CCP movement will not work with the CCP expansionist policies. We are all responsible for that not happening here.

    Everyone needs to watch this film "V for Vendetta" and it should be on top of every streaming service to send out a clear message to those in power that we do not want a police state and surveillance eroding our lives and values.

    #boycottWinterOlympics2022 CCP are emulating the Nazi Party:

  14. China has been cooperating with the WHO since December 31st in 2019 till now. The Chinese health authorities has given information to both USA and the WHO in the early stage, so the claim that Chinese authorities hide up the coronavirus pandemic is fake

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