Applications of Flow Cytometry and Imaging Flow Cytometry to COVID-19 Research (Webinar)

Applications of Flow Cytometry and Imaging Flow Cytometry to COVID-19 Research

Hayley Pugsley, PhD
Manager, Senior Scientist
Luminex Corporation

Kamala Tyagarajan, PhD
Director, Flow Cytometry Assays and Applications
Luminex Corporation

COVID-19 has resulted in diverse research needs ranging from mechanism and impact of the disease to solutions to identify, combat, or treat the disease. Cellular technologies such as flow and imaging cytometry can provide powerful information in this discovery process. In this webinar, we will discuss cellular technologies and solutions available from Luminex Corporation to aid COVID-19 research. Our Guava® Muse® and Guava® easyCyte™ platforms leverage the power of microcapillary cytometry and small sample sizes to provide quick, rapid methods for cellular counts and viability as well as characterization of immune cells providing information such as absolute CD4 T cell, CD8 T cell, B cells and total lymphocytes with ease. The webinar will also discuss cell health assays and capabilities on the platforms that allow for quick assessment of apoptosis and cytotoxicity from compound treatments, especially in drug repurposing studies.

Our imaging cytometry platform, the ImageStream®X Mk II combines the quantitative power of flow cytometry with the spatial information provided by microscopy into one system. The ImageStream classifies cell images not only based on fluorescence intensity but the relative distribution of that intensity as well as morphology. The platform provides the capability to study signaling cascades and translocation of transcription factors, which may be important in immune cell activation and host defense against pathogens. It also provides the capability to study white blood cell subtypes of interest using morphologic and fluorescence parameters. The ImageStream® can also measure individual fluorescently labeled viruses; the new High Gain mode for the ImageStream®X Mk II increases the signal obtained from these small viruses while minimally increasing the noise. In this presentation, three applications will be discussed for the ImageStream®, individual murine leukemia virus-sfGFP reference particles demonstrating High Gain mode, shape change, and nuclear translocation.


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