Apple's VR Conundrum – This is Only a Test 583 – 1/21/21

We break down the confounding rumors about Apple’s VR headset plans on this week’s show, review the first two episodes of WandaVision, and share what we’d want out of a Willy Wonda prequel. Plus, the surprising things we learned from iFixit’s AirPods Max teardown, and the return of a Moment of Science!

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  1. Thanks for the direct thoughts about Wandavision, Jeremy. I did not care for the first two episodes. All I've heard from many others is how much they loved them.

  2. I'm with Jeremy on WandaVision, for a comedy they forget to make it funny which is a bit of a problem. It didn't make me smile or laugh out load at any point. The most fun I had was afterwards, reading on the internet, peoples theories about the real plot.

  3. The entire season of Wandavision will only be 3 hours long so perfect to wait and binge in one night.

  4. It is a HUGE mistake to make a Willy Wonka movie. That character is an enigma. He is a mystery. Is he lying? Is he telling the truth? Is he good or evil? Knowing destroys the mystery and the allure of the character. If they are making a prequel, I hope they don't spend that time trying to explain what Willy Wonka thinks or why he thinks it. That's not the point of him.

  5. 1st 4 episode were supposed to be shows so 2 more episodes until we most people will get what's going on totally

  6. I have a conspiracy theory, listen me out:
    In October, Apple's iOS 14 update completely killed CardboardVR framework. It basically beached all VR apps on Apple Store I made, and never provided any explanation. I was super pissed.
    But now, here's my pitch – they were trying to eliminate competition on their own platform so that their new VR product would get more attention! 😮

  7. I'm not a fan of Apple but they are very good at re-marketing other peoples ideas and given the latest (yet to be released) headsets are focused on social interactions only I think they will do just fine. Never underestimate zealot buying power lol.

  8. Its a surprise that still untitled was discontinued, but also unsurprisingly seeing as i stopped watching that series last year due to feeling an Adam overload, and a Will withdrawal. Some ppl dislike Will but he is needed to balance out the others i feel.

  9. For ever on the Internet haha nooo they all ready pull down status of 100 year history. And it seams legit by the marxsist coverment now in the white house so your legacy will be taken down because we did it in the past. What go's around comes around.

  10. The end of still untitled comes as a surprise since the announcement was not uploaded to YouTube.
    I'm going to miss the chat between you guys and also the guests.

    That being said, looking forward to what you come up with next.

  11. Maybe Apples hoping to get VR moving into areas other than gaming, like education, art or design?

  12. can anyone point me to which the adam savage project episode where they talk about its ending? why did they shut it down?

  13. slightly annoying you have to start the show with a political hint. left or right or wherever. uggg

  14. edit: "electromechanical hinge" to what looks like several wires connects both sides together for I think power and audio (looks like 4 contacts on each side of the headband)

    58:00 Are we sure the airpods max really communicates wirelessly between both sides? Aside from the charging port mentioned, there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack lightning adapter sold separately, and I think it allows you to eliminate most of the latency for gaming or use in audio production. With that adapter I wouldn't expect them to communicate wirelessly to the other ear which would add more latency.

    In the ifixit xray, only one side has batteries.

  15. Is there a reason that you all can't have 1/3 of the screen entirely? Like many news networks, divide the screen into thirds, horizontally: [ | | ]. That way, we could see your faces better, IMO.

  16. Not looking forward to anything VR or AR from Apple. They massively overprice EVERYTHING they sell.

  17. So I guess I'm just not realizing that there is more than one podcast on tested lol

    So how many different podcasts are there technically?

    and was still entitled the only one that Adam was on every time?

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