An app can detect COVID patients 'from the way they cough'

Russia’s Sberbank has developed an app to determine ‘whether a person has covid from the way that they cough’. Sberbank will use a special algorithm to tell within a MINUTE whether a person is infected or not.

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  1. And pigs will fly. Even Russia is getting in on the act. Seems they are just as insane with population control as the west.

  2. The use case is acceptable, but the same technology could be used for worrying profiling.
    Russia is not the savior, only a moderate relief. They are too much into technology as solution, to boost economy and go with the sick times. – Then again, who isn't?
    But someone needs to keep China in check. That's a biggie. Especially after the USA have crumbled.
    I only trust entities who would be totally fine with halting technology and developing humanity instead, and only after bullshit-filtering that small subgroup.

  3. I think I’m going to develop an app that tells me how many people have died OF COVID-19 rather than WITH.

  4. The bullshit never ends with you people. Covid no worse than a mild flu, and we don't shut the planet down for that. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS WHOLE THING IS Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 taking away our rights based on a mild flu.

  5. Fantastic news for humanity. I am so excited and looking forward to when the Farting and Burping APP comes out.

  6. This is really interesting, a psychic computer app? Many people including myself have scoured the medical literature, but have yet to find any proof that covid virus has been purified isolated and proved contagious, in fact there is $100 000 up for grabs for anyone that can show the proof. I know germ theory is complete fraud so I haven’t been participating and will continue to not participate in this plandemic hoax

  7. My grandmother uses tea leaves divination (Tasseography) to detect COVID patients with 99.420% accuracy.

  8. Isnt it interesting to see RT the Putinistas propaganda channell still up on YT and elsewhere
    while Trompet shut down, how much did Putin pay Israel and China to do this?

  9. So a frecking oligarchy driven "bank" can detect Covid1984 while the plebs knowns Covid1984 is a
    "tool" the same oligarchy uses to conduct a planetary sized FRAUD! Soon the Pope declare himself god!

  10. It's not about a virus. It's about killing off
    businesses to hurt the economy. Nevermind the
    exponential suicides/starvation/losing your
    income/homes/everything. !!

  11. Event 201 Pandemic Exercise
    Segment 4, Communications
    Discussion and Epilogue Video

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    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in
    partnership with the World Economic Forum and
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18.
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  12. Due process includes proving Covidl 9 is as
    dangerous as claimed – it has not even been
    isolated. CDC and London Health dep
    have all admitted as much.

  13. Covidism the 21 st century version of fascism under
    the pretext of a flu. Forced detentions,
    dehumanising face mask mandates, destruction of
    small business, and a trampling of human dignity.
    The same unholy alliance between government and
    big business that Hitler was reviled for.

  14. This is not a pandemic! Repeat, THIS IS NOT A
    PANDEMIC! There is no pandemic other than what
    the media has hyped

  15. It's all lies check out covid investigative committee,
    4 attorneys are exposing the truth and are going to
    sue the organisation's involved in a world class
    action.! le: big pharma and Bill gate foundation.
    Why were Australia's death's lower in 2020 than in
    the previous 5 years ? Because people stayed home
    and didn't catch a cold or flu.!!!! On Bing search
    corona investigative committee go to videos ,
    corona committee crimes against humanity.!

  16. The most depressing element of covid is
    the ease in which the world has been corralled
    by fear , peer group/media pressure and junk
    science to willing march into a future of micro
    managed servitude, controlled by big tech and big

  17. Cases cases cases,apps, stop bloody testing the healthy.
    Lol all taken to hospital no matter what there
    condition. This stupidity beggars belief .

  18. 'COVIDIOT ' – someone who believes mainstream
    media lies and propaganda
    believes Covid is a pandemic
    wears a mask everywhere even though they're
    useless and CDC has said so

    sanitises hands even though it doesn't work
    – willing to take a vaccine that is killing people for
    nothing more than the flu

  19. This is THE FLU. GUYS ITS THE FLU 2.0
    News please give us the stats of influenza A & B
    But I must wear a mask in my vehicle…or when I
    walk alone?

  20. We actually dont care about your fear porn. Stop
    testing and the virus will disappear. What, no
    deaths, soon the vaccine will provide the numbers
    you need to perpetuate the scam.

  21. As far as dangerous diseases go, this one is fairly
    pathetic as is this stupud App, It's flu cases re named, that's all.
    Time to start holding politicians accountable for
    importing this scam from the WHO/UN/WORLD
    ECONOMIC FORUM and their totalitarian scare

  22. I thought humanity might last a few more centuries if we're lucky… but at this rate of stupidity and BS we'll be lucky if we last the next decade

  23. BUTIN WILL poison all his critics on earth? His puppy in AMERICA WITH HITLERISM sicknesses is cornered.

  24. I have an app that sanitising my hand every 30 minute from the distance approx 2 meters. It is very very effective and highly recommended to all.o

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