Would you like to know more about the world of cryptocurrencies, but are the terms discouraging you? Don’t know what Proof of Work is and how it differs from Proof of Stake? Wondering what that Fiat Currency is or what Blockchain means? Is Bitcoin the same as Blockchain or something? 🙂 Well, if you have such questions this video is for you. Or for a friend to whom you can share so that you don’t have to explain all the terms and quickly develop a common language in the crypto area. There are 60 terms used in #crypto explained in Romanian in a simple way and for anyone to understand. I hope it’s helpful. Blog article link: – if you are a follower of texts. Maybe now you are not going to do much, but I assure you that in the future even a 1% discount will make a colossal difference when you buy and sell crypto or when you want to turn cryptocurrencies into normal money (euro, dollars or lei) and you want to withdraw them to your bank account. 1️⃣ Affiliate link with Binance discount: You will receive the maximum 20% lifetime discount on crypto trading fees. Imagine that you will make a transaction of 1000 euros and you will buy various cryptocurrencies for this money. There will be a trading fee for the purchase (similar to an interbank fee, so to speak). What is it like to have a -20% discount on this commission and what is it like not to have it? Update: I also received messages from people who abandoned their old Binance account because they didn’t trade much on it and didn’t know what affiliate link they made their Binance account with and used my affiliate link to create an account with a new email address or a new phone number. What to say… thank you very much, I appreciate! We all have something to gain. 2️⃣ affiliate link to receive $ 25 gift in the form of cryptocurrencies (CRO) – use the code 98fu7nqpja when you sign up on and we both earn $ 25 when you buy your first cryptocurrencies through them. 3️⃣ AscendEX affiliate link (BitMax): Here you can find certain crypto projects when they are at the beginning of the road and you can get them at a much lower price in the hope that they will grow. They also have very good staking options. I bought SWINGBY and do staking at SWINGBY directly on AscendEX with 27% pa 4️⃣ Iconomi affiliate link: I didn’t play with this service, but as I told at the end of this video, this crypto trading service is for beginners and to those who know almost nothing about cryptocurrencies, but have some money they want to invest. On Iconomi you can easily copy the winning strategies of other investors in the hope that you will win too. 5️⃣ CoinBase affiliate link: I recommend having a CoinBase account to be well done there. It is the only platform based in the UK and it is good to have an account on a cryptocurrency buying platform in Europe as well. 6️⃣ If you want supreme security for your cryptocurrencies, you can also buy a Ledgern Nano S or even a Ledger Nano X (or both, to have a backup back to crypto :)). Purchase link Ladger cryptocurrencies: 🔴 BIG DISCLAIMER The crypto market is extremely volatile. Ignore anything I say in this video or in my blog posts. It is possible that tomorrow, in a month or a year, nothing of what I say today will be valid. 🔴 This article is not investment advice. This article is not an investment recommendation. Only invest the amounts you are willing to lose without ruining or ruining your life. 🔴 Cryptocurrencies are not games of chance and should not be considered as games of chance. Yes, you can get rich overnight from cryptocurrencies, but at what price? At the cost of ruining your life? To ruin the lives of those around you? Don’t gamble with amounts you can’t afford to lose. 🔴 Think with your own head, find out as much as you can and choose only the projects in which YOU ASSUME to invest. Assuming yourself means being responsible and accountable for the investments made. Neither the person who advised you nor the fact that you did not have the patience to inform yourself is responsible. 🔴 There are a lot of scams and tricks in the crypto market. Just like in real life, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is and you have to be careful. Do your own research, make your own decisions. #criptomonede #crypto #sfaturcripto.


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  1. 1️⃣ Link afiliat cu reducere Binance:

    Vei primi reducerea maximă de 20% pe viață la comisioane de tranzacționare crypto. Imaginează-ți că vei face o tranzacție de 1000 de euro și vei cumpăra diverse criptomonede de acești bani. Pentru achiziție va fi un comision de trading (asemenea unui comision interbancar ca să îi spunem așa). Cum e să ai -20% reducere la acest comision și cum e să nu ai?

    Update: am primit mesaje inclusiv de la oameni care și-au abandonat vechiul cont de Binance pentru că nu prea tranzacționau pe el și nu mai știau prin ce link de afiliat și-au făcut contul la Binance și au folosit linkul meu de afiliere ca să își facă un cont cu o adresă nouă de email sau un număr nou de telefon. Ce să spun… mulțumesc frumos, apreciez! Toți avem de câștigat.

    2️⃣ Link afiliat pentru a primi 25$ cadou sub formă de criptomonede (CRO) – folosește codul 98fu7nqpja atunci când îți faci cont pe și câștigăm amândoi câte 25$ atunci când cumperi primele tale criptomonede prin ei (detalii în video).

    3️⃣ Link afiliat AscendEX (BitMax): Aici găsești să cumperi anumite proiecte cripto atunci când se află la început de drum și le poți lua cu preț mult mai mic în speranța că vor crește. De asemenea, au opțiuni de staking foarte bune. Eu am cumpărat SWINGBY și fac staking la SWINGBY direct pe AscendEX cu 27% p.a. Am povestit pe scurt despre ce este stakingul în video.

    4️⃣ Link afiliat Iconomi: Nu m-am jucat cu acest serviciu, însă așa cum am povestit și pe finalul acestui video, acest serviciu de trading crypto se adresează începătorilor și celor care nu știu aproape nimic despre criptomonede, dar au niște bani pe care vor să-i investească. Pe Iconomi poți copia cu ușurință strategiile câștigătoare ale altor investitori în speranța că vei câștiga și tu.

    5️⃣ Link afiliat CoinBase: Recomand să ai un cont și pe CoinBase ca să fie bun făcut acolo. Este singura platformă cu sediul în U.K. și e bine să ai un cont și pe o platformă de cumpărare cryptomonede și din Europa.

    6️⃣ În video, pe final, v-am arătat cold wallet-ul meu, Ledger Nano S. Dacă vrei securitate supremă pentru criptomonedele tale, poți cumpăra și tu un Ledgern Nano S sau chiar un Ledger Nano X (sau ambele, ca să ai backup la backup la crypto :)). Link cumpărare Ladger criptomonede:

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