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enedScroll (Project Management Tools)

The plugin allows you to manipulate each item you want to by react on person’s current scroll position.
It’s the perfect plugin for your website.

– pin element by scrolled om it and set duration
– add, remove, toggle class
– manipulate other scenes
– create your own animations using transform
and more

Do you want to see how it works ? Go on enedscroll.eu
On offical website you can read full documentation.

The plugin is easy to use. You need only read documentation and you will be ready to use enedScroll.
To use the enedScroll you must know a bit jQuery functions e.g .css() .addClass() etc. to create animations or manipulate website items.

In pack you can find

– demo / (4) .html fiels
– js / enedscroll.min.js
– img / (1) .png file
– favicons /
– index.html

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