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Roles Based Access Control(RBAC) with ASP.NET MVC Identity 2.0 (Membership or Authentication Tools)

Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) is an approach to restricting system access to authorised users. This mechanism can be used to protect users from accessing parts of the system that they do not need. It also can be used to restrict access to data which they do not need to ...

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Image Processing Tool (Images and Media)

Image Processing Tool is a photo editing and manipulation image. Using technologies: MVC 5 imageresizing tool Bootstrap jQuery Features: Width/Height resize Image formats change Quality optimization Background color add Grayscale Invert Sepia Rotate Opacity/Alpha Brightness Contrast Saturation Border Cropping Round corner Padding Margin Scale and Alignment | |

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Quick Email Send (Miscellaneous)

Quick Email Send Using technologies: MVC 5 Bootstrap jQuery Features: Never store password Advance html editor Email with attachment Embedded images support SMTP servers settings given in document | |

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User Management System Open Source Mvc (Content Management)

User Manager Open Source Mvc User Manager is an asp.net mvc 5 based web application,it have multiple raped features, Easy to track or manage to any users dynamic Listing ,dialog users create,update ,delete or multiple exports features like pdf,excel etc. Video Demo Click To See Demo Features and Its Modules ...

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