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OctopusCodes – Online Restaurant Reservation System (Shopping Carts)

Product Description Online Restaurant Reservation System is a simple, easy-to-use, ready-to-use CodeIgniter Framework script that enables you manage reservations, floors, tables and foods at your restaurant. Online Restaurant Reservation System has an easy administration page that gives you full control over foors, tables, foods, booking, orders, staff list, customers and ...

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Password Generator C#.NET class library (Miscellaneous)

Class library made with C#.NET Framework 4.5 that helps in the generation of passwords in a simple and fast way. It allows automatic generation of passwords with a length of 8 characters; Or else with the length of characters you require. Finally, it allows the generation of passwords with the ...

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Check Argument Class (Miscellaneous)

Open source help class to check arguments of a method. This class C#.NET is used to check the arguments that arrive at a method, validating them. It is an open source class, so you can extend its functionality using existing methods as an example. To use it, please note the ...

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EsyPOS (Shopping Carts)

Serve your customers better by knowing what’s in stock. Easily create labels on the spot to track inventory. The project is written in vb.net 2010 as front end , SQL Server Compact database as back end with SAP crystal report. Key Feature Customer, Supplier and Employee information with photo Category ...

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C#.NET Helper to Get Client IP and Country (Miscellaneous)

This is a C # .NET service class for use in Web projects. It allows to know the public IP of the client, and to determine to which country it belongs. Config: Please add the following keys in the appSettings section (Web.Config) <add key=”GeoIPCountryWhoisData” value=”D:ProjectsLibraryGeoIpHelper” /> <add key=”RemoteUri” value=”http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/” /> ...

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PHP DAL Generator – Source Code (Database Abstractions)

PHP DAL Generator is a .Net desktop application that generates data access layer for MySQL database. It generates code for MySQL, MySQLi and PDO extensions. This software makes PHP development easy. This tool is specially useful for programmers who don’t want to (or cannot) use a CMS. Programmers have complete ...

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